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Charlotte Shared Streets

The City of Charlotte is launching the Shared Streets program, closing certain streets to through traffic and opening them to walking, wheelchair rolling, skateboarding, and rollerblading.

This map highlights streets that may meet the city's eligiblity criteria of low speed (under 30 mph), non-thouroughfare streets that are at least 1/2 mile and connect to parks, greenways, or bikelanes.

Inspired by sidewalkwidths.nyc the map also highlights the widths of sidewalks throughout the city. Placing sidewalk widths next to streets that meet the Shared Street criteria may help further prioritize areas of the city most in need of additional space for social distancing.


Sidewalk Widths and road characteristics were determined from the City of Charlotte's Sidewalk dataset and Mcklenburg County's Road Centerline dataset. Actual sidewalk and road conditions, as well as sidewalk obstructions are not accounted for in the dataset. If you know of streets that should be added to the Shared Streets list, or areas where sidewalks need improvement please contact CharlotteDOT@charlottenc.gov.